• SINK replacement [over counter]: $75
  • FAUCET replacement: $65
  • sink & faucet reinstall: $125
  • Dishwasher Hook Up: $95
  • supply lines: Add $10 ea.
  • free estimates

Toilet Installs


Plumbing's not always glorious. If you have a bathroom issue, reach out and let me know.

Blocked Pipes


When sinks get blocked or toilets get plugged it affects everyone! Just give me a call.

In Mississauga? No problem.

  • Toilet replacement: $95
  • spout replacement: $50
  • pipe UNCLOGGING: hourly
  • Toilet Unplugging: Hourly
  • shut off valves; Add $15 ea.
  • guaranteed work
"I am currently a full-time apprentice plumber working on commercial and residential sites. I only provide services limited to my training and knowledge, and in doing so, I gain more experience while making money to earn my journeyman's degree. One day I hope to be a successful entrepreneur and owning a growing, full services plumbing company."  Cameron


I am proud to say that all my customers will refer me for my services, and that I never commit to a job that I cannot complete properly or on time. My minimum fee is only $50, which includes limited travel and the truck charge. My hourly rate after that is only $28.

Seniors receive a 10% discount. 

There is $5 service charge, per store visit, if  you require me to buy special non-stock fixtures or materials.    

I offer a 5% referral credit to future services.

Faucet Installs


Water's an essential ingredient to life, but when the taps not working right, it becomes a problem.

Current Special: Toilet Tune-Ups - $50, plus parts

Guard against sudden floods, leaks and drips
installation Services 

Residential Prices

Sink Installs


Bought a new sink and don't have the time or tools to put it in. I'll take care of that for you.


Friendly - Affordable - Fast